Men who foster

Father with girls paintingThe role of a foster carer can be both extremely rewarding and at the same time emotionally strenuous, requiring resilience and an ability to build on training and experience while working as part of a team.

For many children in care living with a male foster carer may be their first positive experience of a male adult.

Pembrokeshire Fostering Team recently held a successful training event for Men who Foster where participants shared over 67 years of fostering experience. Those attending really valued the opportunity to share common themes and discuss topics from a male perspective. With further sessions planned it is hoped these links will serve as a platform to build on existing levels of support, by creating opportunities for mentoring and shared activities.

If you are interested in finding out more about fostering call the fostering team on 01437 774650 to find out more. Remember fostering changes lives – you could make a difference.