Transferring to foster with us

Transferring to become a foster carer with us is easier than you think. We know that as foster carers, your first consideration is for the stability of the children in your care. However, as with all life choices sometimes you may need a change or a new challenge. All Foster Carers are free to choose who they work with and therefore you have the right to change to another Fostering Service.

We adhere to “The Transfer of Carer Protocol” this is based on the assumption that carers have the right to freedom of movement between Fostering Services; and the principle that, in all circumstances, the welfare of any child in placement must be paramount”. (Fostering Network 2004). So even if you already foster with an agency and have a child in your care you can still transfer. Why do foster carers transfer to us?

  • Understand the importance of keeping children in local area
  • Wish to support a non-profit making Local Authority Fostering Service
  • Lack of children placed with current agency
  • Poor matching in previous placements
  • Requiring more consistent support

Fostering directly with us has a number of benefits:

  • We have a large number of looked after children in Mid and West Wales. This means that our carers have higher occupancy levels with shorter gaps between placements than many other foster agencies, therefore if you rely on the income from fostering you will have a reduced risk of long periods when you don’t have the offer of a placement.
  • If you live in Mid and West Wales it makes sense to be working with us – we are right on your doorstep, and if you need our support you can count on us to be here when you need help.
  • You will get regular support from your dedicated supervising social worker. You can also access regular training.

Every transfer case is looked at individually and some can be completed sooner than others, depending on your situation. Please don’t delay, contact us we would really like to hear from you today!

Foster in your local area with your local Council

  • Help local children
  • Help them to stay in their local area and local schools
  • Support and training on your doorstep
  • Experienced team nearby that you can trust to be there every step of the way
  • Join many local families who already foster with us

Quick checklist….

  • have you got a spare bedroom?
  • spare time to spend with children
  • are you over 21?
Don’t delay, find out how you could make a positive difference to a child or young person’s life in Mid and West Wales today!

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